Jende Marble Sharpening Stone Basin

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The Jende Sharpening Stone Basins are made one at a time, and we are sure that you will enjoy the craftsmanship of these basins for years, not only with the exquisite Marble option, but the 45 degree mitered corners, and the softly rounded over edges that all culminate to make your sharpening and lapping a truly pleasurable experience - every single time.

Each Jende Sharpening Stone Basin is made to order. Total dimensions are 42 cm long x 23 cm wide x 4 cm high (16.5" x 9" x 1.5"), the basin itself has a depth of 2 cm (3/4") that is water-tight . There are 2 "islands" to that have been specifically designed to accommodate all of your Shapton DRLP's, DGLP's, Lapping Plates, Stone holders and stone storage cases that double as sharpening bases. The result is a spacious height clearance of about 7 cm on each side of the basin.

The Jende Sharpening Stone Basins are especially helpful in containing the slurry and water run-off when lapping and sharpening. Clean up is quick, and you will see just how beautiful your basin is every time you use it!

These very sturdy basins weigh about 8 Kilograms, or 18 Pounds each. In order to significantly reduce the shipping charges for such a heavy item, please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery from date of purchase. There will be subtle differences with the grain patterns in each piece of marble, but every one is guaranteed to be a working work of art!

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Width 12
Length 18
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